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Common Questions

How does Reiki work?

Reiki allows the body's natural flow of energy to, well, flow.  It will open blocked channels, balance your energy, and allow the body to do what it is, in fact, designed to do when there are issues, disease, or injury...heal!

What can I expect during a Reiki session?

Your job, as the recipient of the Reiki treatment, will be two fold...breathe and relax.  During the session, you may feel any of the following:  tingling, warmth, coolness, a flowing feeling, rippling, possibly a "cramping" or blocked feeling as energy begins to flow.  Over all, there can be a feeling of release as restricted areas open to the flow.

Are there any potential "side effects" from receiving Reiki?

Yes!  Relief, release and healing!  Following a treatment, as stored toxins are released to be processed and eliminated from the body, you may feel some of the above mentioned symptoms for a few days.  Cleansing is part of healing.  Depending on the severity of your "condition" and how long you've been carrying these toxic elements, it may be a bit unpleasant.  Not to worry; rest, light meals and lots of water will help alleviate the discomfort and hasten the process.  With that in mind, I do offer a follow up session, at no charge, up to 10 days following your initial treatment.

What sort of ailments can be helped by Reiki?

Reiki has been an effective treatment for virtually every ailment mankind experiences...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Opening up your natural energy flow will be of benefit for conditions from digestive problems to enhanced healing from surgery or injury, depression, and, perhaps most important in today's society, stress reduction and management.

While I have experienced and witnessed the amazing results of Reiki, my personal stand is this:  if you have a medical or psychological condition, I encourage and recommend that you see a licensed professional along with Reiki treatments.

Should I tell my regular physician if I schedule a Reiki treatment?

Entirely up to you.  Reiki absolutely will not interfere with any traditional or alternative therapy or treatment.  More and more "traditional" Western medical practitioners are recognizing the benefits of Reiki
While I have yet to meet a physician who discourages a patient from pursuing Reiki, there may be some out there that would do so, perhaps even feeling threatened if a patient seeks alternative therapies. 

With confidence, I give equal time to those who would diminish, ridicule, and malign Reiki.  (See my Detractors Page).


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