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The Story of Reiki...NOW!

                               ...and a little bit about Lyn Alan Byars...

I didn't think very often about an MRI I had done in 2007 that showed 9 mini-strokes.  Gaaagh!  None of them were serious, no impairment I could notice, but not the kind news that helps you sleep at night. 


Fast forward to 2010.  I was working in Tech Support/Customer Service for a credit card processing company out of Basalt, CO.  In August of that year I weighed over 200 lbs, could not sleep, could not wake up, had a famously pasty complexion, suffered with frequent headaches (sounds kinda like stress, right?); developed laryngitis, missed enough days that they had to let me go.

About that time, a trusted friend invited me to a seminar in Sedona, Arizona.  "Embodying Wisdom" was the title on the brochure.  Having no idea what that might mean, I said, "Sure."

Part of the 5 day seminar was a Reiki session each evening, where two Reiki Masters and two Level II practitioners would provide Reiki to 3 participants, using other attendees to

help focus and enhance the experience.  Wednesday morning, I was having breakfast with the two masters, wondering if they could levitate or glow in the dark.


"How long have you been practicing?" asked the one.  Being a semi-professional drummer I, of course, thought about rehearsals, recording sessions, live gigs.  Before I could answer, the other asked, "...and why didn't you tell us?"


Still thinking they were talking about music (never wondering how they found out as I hadn't shared my music career with anyone at the seminar yet), I hesitantly said, "I, uh, didn't think it was relevant."


They looked at one another, and the one said, "You don't know what we're talking about, do you?  We're talking about Reiki." which I was still pronouncing Rye-Key.


I still didn't know what they were talking about or where this was going.


Then, the other said, "Seeing how the energy moved around you and how you directed it, we thought you were a Reiki Master."  That was the first bombshell of the week.


They urged me to seek out a Master/Teacher when I got home to "learn what you are doing because you have it.  Its a gift.  Learn about it and do it because the world needs you.  


I was hit hard by that statement that the world needed me; not just Reiki, but me!

Second bombshell came late Thursday night/early Friday morning.  I heard a voice, clear as can be, tell me, "You're ready."  I didn't even ask, "Ready for what?"  I decided than to keep my heart and mind open to what the future would bring.  After all, my lifelong career as time clock puncher wasn't working out so well.  So, cool, I'm ready.

Close on that little revelation, I hear another voice, left ear this time, say, "The time is NOW!"  I actually turned to see who had spoken to me.  I was quite alone.  It was then that my stomach knotted up as I realized there would be no more "getting around to it".  I began searching for a Reiki teacher the day I got home.


The teacher that took me under her wing told me that it could take up to three years to attain to Master Level 3.  She didn't tell me at that time about the Level 4, Master/Trainer.   During my first one-on-one Reiki session, she told me she had never met a Level 2 practitioner, attuned or not, that had no idea that they were a Reiki practitioner, much less not knowing even what Reiki was.

In less than a year, I had received my Level 1, II, III, and Master/Trainer attunements.  

Reiki...Now! was formed in 2011 in Carbondale, CO.  I've been doing Reiki sessions and training others in Reiki ever since, for I agree, the world needs US, the world needs Reiki.  The time is truly NOW!I

One more thing:  

Shortly before my first experience with Reiki, I had enrolled in a Tai Chi class offered by our local Senior Matters group.  Returning from Sedona, with my head and heart still spinning, I returned to the class feeling...different.  I wondered if my learning Tai Chi has anything to do with what I'm about to learn with Reiki.

The feeling I had was one of "Buckle up, Benno.  Your world is about to change."

I had no idea.  Only a pessimist would ever say, "Life can't get any stranger."

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