Tai Chi/Qi Qong

I entered my first Tai Chi class about the same time as I began my Reiki training.  At this point, I have been teaching Tai Chi/Qi Qong for three years. Along with the current classes listed below, I offer private individual and group lessons.  Use the "Contact" page to schedule your individual or group session; or call or text me at (970) 948-8228.

In my years as a practicing Reiki Master, I have seen the amazing results of Tai Chi as a regular personal practice, both in my personal training and in students.

I recommend Tai Chi as an ongoing "therapy" for balance, mobility, coordination and self-confidence.

Here is a current schedule of Tai Chi classes:  all levels and abilities welcome

       Tuesday, Thursday, Friday            The Launchpad                            9:00-9:45am

                                              76 S. 4th St., Carbondale, CO

                                                      (Drop ins welcome)